Meet the Marchers

Meet the marchers of the First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March. Click on image to read their profiles. If you’d like to march, click here to apply.

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Meet the marchers

Akicita Hoksida

Alton Onefeather

Charles Goldman
Des Moines, Iowa

Christine Lehman-Engledow
Swisher, Iowa

Christine Nobiss
Plains Cree-Salteaux

David Houston
Des Moines, Iowa

David Michael Karabelnikoff
Native Alaskan

David Thoreson
Okoboji, Iowa

Debbie Griffin
Des Moines, Iowa

Donnielle Wanatee

Ducka Zo Yooxot Likipt
Nez Perce

Ed Fallon
Des Moines, Iowa

Emma Schmit
Rockwell City, Iowa

Fintan Mason
Brooklyn, New York

Foxy Jackson

Fred Kirschenmann
Ames, Iowa

Gary Clague
Pella, Iowa

Isidra Borjas
Fort Madison, Iowa

Jeff Kisling
Indianola, Iowa

Josie Ironshield
Lakota Sioux

Kaelly Salizar

Kathy Byrnes
Des Moines, Iowa

Kelly Boon
Des Moines, Iowa

Lars Larson
Fort Dodge, Iowa

Lyssa Wade
Des Moines, Iowa

Marissa Diaz

Matthew Lone Bear
Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation

Mike Wilcox
Eldridge, Iowa

Miriam Kashia
North Liberty, Iowa

Mnic’opa emac’iyapi
Ihanktonwan Nation

Peter Clay
Des Moines, Iowa

Regina Tsosie

Ryan Qualls

Samantha Kuhn
Chicago, Ilinois

Sarah Spain
Des Moines, Iowa

Shari Hrdina
Des Moines, Iowa

Shelley Buffalo

Tasida Barfoot
Ames, Iowa

Tim Dwight
Iowa City, Iowa

Trisha Etringer

2 thoughts on “Meet the Marchers

  • Miriam Kashia

    I was a retired psychotherapist just back from a Peace Corps stint in Africa when I walked 3000 miles across the country with the Great March for Climate Action in 2014. I had no idea what our impact and the ripple effects would be. Still don’t know four years later. What I do know is that we made a difference everyplace we went. But the greatest changes of all were personal. It educated and radicalized me, connected me with a wonderful and diverse group of folks passionate about changing the course of history. I’ve been an activist “marching” ever since. Now, at 75, it’s going to be tougher for me to go the distance, but I look forward to this new adventure with some old comrades and many new ones. My mottos: “Action is the Antidote to Despair” and “Everything we do matters!”


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