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Follow me on the March

Follow the marchers’ experiences while they are on the First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March! Christine Lehman-Engledow Profile Facebook Christine Lehman-Engledow Christine Nobiss Profile Facebook  Seeding Sovereignty, Christine Nobiss, Indigenous Iowa Instagram @SeedingSovereignty David Houston Profile Facebook David Houston Website Homes4MyPeeps David Thoreson Profile Facebook David Thoreson Twitter @bluewaternews Instagram @DavidThoreson Debbie Griffin Profile Facebook Downtown Disciples Twitter @DTDisciplesDSM Instagram @DTDisciplesDSM Ed Fallon Profile Blog Fallon Forum Talk show The Fallon Forum airs Mondays from 11:00 a.m.-Noon and is available afterward as a podcast. Facebook Ed Fallon, Fallon Forum Continue reading →

Miriam Kashia

Donate to Miriam here. Why I’m marching: I’m marching because the nations of the world, except this one, agree that we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground. I’m also marching because of the illegal use of eminent domain to build the Dakota Access Pipeline. Oil may be flowing through Iowa, but it ain’t over ’til it’s over, and you don’t lose ’til you quit. We’re not quitting. At age 75, I can march, so I must. About me: After I retired as a Continue reading →

Fred Kirschenmann

Donate to Fred here. Why I’m marching: I’m joining this march because I believe we all need to make our voices heard to support the kind of changes that our planet needs, and choosing “voices” that we believe can make a difference. I have decided that joining with others who feel sufficiently compelled to speak out to commit to a long walk together, where others can see us, and therefore perhaps begin to realize how important it is to us and our grandchildren to speak Continue reading →

Packing list for First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March

Everything you bring for the First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March must fit into only two duffel bags or suitcases, and one small backpack or satchel to carry while you walk. IMPORTANT: Please label your bags and all individual items. Leave valuables (including cars and pets) as well as breakable items at home.  Personal (NOTE: Use your discretion, as some of these are optional.) Identification Credit card or ATM card Travel towel (quick dry) Hand towel (quick dry) Small spray bottle with water for Continue reading →

Kathy Byrnes

Donate to Kathy here. Why I’m marching: I lived on and owned land in Jasper County, Iowa, when the Dakota Access Pipeline came through. When I stood up to it, many of my neighbors thought I was nuts to fight it – to take arrest protesting it – telling me it was “a done deal.” Now, I am standing up for my friends and neighbors whose land was used and abused for a private company’s profit. About me: An Iowa native, I’m basically a “country girl” with Continue reading →

Sarah Spain

Donate to Sarah here. Why I’m marching: As a native to the “Heartland” of USA, I feel it important to do what I can to help restore and preserve the integrity of relationship to the water, land, air, and its communities. I feel strongly that the abuse of eminent domain must be stopped as not to further the destruction of those things we hold dear. In addition to spending quality time with our indigenous friends and meet more of my local Iowa neighbors, I look forward Continue reading →

Christine Nobiss

Donate to Christine here. Why I’m marching: I am marching because no other landscape on Turtle Island has been more biologically altered than Iowa and, during this time of climate crisis, I want to convey profound and sustainable perspectives of Indigenous communities, cultures and relationships to the Earth, which is absolutely imperative to healing our Earth Mother. Recently, I created Seeding Sovereignty’s Land Decolonization Project with the intent on bringing a more cohesive Indigenous stand against Big-AG, CAFOs, DAPL and more. The desired impact is to Continue reading →

Shari Hrdina

Donate to Shari here. Why I’m marching: I am marching because as a world we need to reduce our fossil fuel use to reduce the effects of climate change. Stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline would be a step in that direction. I have two children and trying to make the Earth as good as I can for them. About me: My great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents came from Czechoslovakia. I was born and raised on a century-old dairy farm in northeast Iowa. Growing up with farming put me in tune with Continue reading →

Ed Fallon

Donate to Ed here. Why I’m marching: A quote from Bill McKibben sums it up: “Very few people on earth ever get to say: ‘I am doing, right now, the most important thing I could possibly be doing.’ If you’ll join this fight that’s what you’ll get to say.” The lawsuit filed by landowners and the Iowa Sierra Club against the misuse of eminent domain should be big news across Iowa. I march to raise awareness about this lawsuit and the climate crisis, and about the Continue reading →

Meet the Marchers

Meet the marchers of the First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March. Click on image to read their profiles. If you’d like to march, click here to apply. Sponsor a marcher! Click Donate, indicate amount, then SELECT YOUR MARCHER with “Specify marcher name or open scholarship.” Or send a check to avoid processing fees. Meet the marchers