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For Kamala Harris, a Strong Start, but With Some Notable Stumbles

Link to original article: By Jonathan Martin, The New York Times, New York, NY, February 26, 2019 ANKENY, Iowa — When Senator Kamala Harris came to Iowa last month shortly after entering the presidential race, she surprised some in her own party by breezily stating her support for a single-payer health care plan that would end private insurance. “Let’s eliminate all of that,” Ms. Harris said during a prime-time town hall event on CNN. “Let’s move on.” Her comments caused an immediate stir in the Continue reading →

Kamala Harris attracts crowds in Iowa, but leaves questions about what she believes

Link to original article: Covered by Yahoo! Lifestyle, February 24, 2019 Excerpt: By Alexander Nazaryan, National Correspondent DES MOINES, Iowa — Kamala is here. The news spread quickly on Friday evening through the lobby of a downtown Des Moines hotel, where out-of-town progressives attending a political training and Iowans there for a construction-related gathering were having drinks. Heads turned, as toward a Hollywood star. Because a celebrity was in their midst, walking toward the elevator banks. The following morning, she was spotted in the hotel Continue reading →

Andrew Yang

Friday, February 8, 2019 Johnston Kathy Byrnes, Ed Fallon At a cafe, we questioned Andrew Yang on climate change. Indicative of the disconnect that many politicians and candidates exhibit, Yang spoke forcefully about climate change, calling it “existential threat 1A.” Good, but then he went on to propose solutions that were, to put it mildly, off the wall. Here’s the video of our conversation with Yang, in which he offers three specific proposals to address climate change: Andrew Yang speaks in Johnston, Iowa 1. Give Continue reading →

Marianne Williamson

Monday, February 5, 2019 Des Moines, Hoq Restaurant Over 30 Bold supporters Bold Iowa organized a forum for Marianne Williamson, attended by over thirty people. Speaking in this video are Keith Puntenney, Vern Johnson, Josh Mandelbaum, Kathy Byrnes, Christine Nobiss, Lyssa Wade and Marianne Williamson. Friday, February 2, 2019 Des Moines, Gazali’s Restaurant Kathy Byrnes, Channing Dutton, Ed Fallon, Shari Hrdina This was an invitation-only press event. Ed and Kathy asked questions at minute mark 19:20. Channing asked her about climate at minute mark 49:00. Talking with Continue reading →

Elizabeth Warren

Saturday, March 2, 2019 Waterloo Kathy Byrnes, Ed Fallon, Sam Kuhn, Marty Monroe In response to Ed’s question about whether she’s willing to prioritize climate change, Senator Warren said, “The problem we have in Washington is how many politicians have sold out to the oil companies. … When I say the way we have to start this is around corruption and beating back the influence of money in Washington, taking back our government so it works for us instead of working for those with money, Continue reading →

Jay Inslee

Monday, March 4, 2019 Ames Sam Kuhn At last — a presidential candidate who grasps the urgency of the moment! (Check out the video that kicked off Inslee’s campaign.) Inslee has made climate change the central feature of his campaign, and we hope his entry into the race will help push other candidates to make the climate crisis their top priority.   During Inslee’s first visit to Iowa, Sam Kuhn asked why other candidates aren’t prioritizing the climate crisis. Inslee said, “We just do not Continue reading →

John Hickenlooper

Friday, March 8, 2019 Des Moines Kathy Byrnes, Ed Fallon Although John Hickenlooper says climate change is a serious issue, he doesn’t believe the crisis deserves to be prioritized in his campaign. Like both Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang, he deflects to his top priority: bringing people together. Sorry, but this is a crisis that needs to be confronted head-on. In response to a question by Karl Knock, Hickenlooper insisted that “fracking doesn’t cause earthquakes.” That’s pretty disappointing, and if you listen to the rest Continue reading →

Kamala Harris

Saturday, February 23, 2019 Ames Sid Barfoot, Morgan Bradley, Kathy Byrnes, Mark Clipsham, Ed Fallon, Daniel Hill, Lisa Kinney, Sam Kuhn, Marty Monroe, Lee Tesdell Ed was quoted in the New York Times.  Unfortunately they edited out the part that the comment was about climate. At a voter forum in Des Moines on Saturday, Ms. Harris said she did not want to be pegged in any fixed ideological category — a posture that can frustrate some progressive Democrats. “That was evasive,” said Ed Fallon, a Continue reading →

Tulsi Gabbard

Monday, February 11, 2019 Iowa City Christine Nobiss Christine Nobiss with Seeding Sovereignty was able to talk with Tulsi Gabbard at this event in Iowa City. Climate change was the second concern that Gabbard raised during her remarks. Gabbard’s remarks start at minute mark 3:55.     Check out minute 11:00 for Gabbard’s mention of climate in her pitch: Tulsi Gabbard in Iowa City. Part of Seeding Sovereignty‘s SHIFT project-to see where these candidates stand on Indigenous issues.SHIFT – Seeding the Hill with Indigenous Free-ThinkersOur Continue reading →