Marcher Application for First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March

Marchers are required to complete a marcher application so that the logistics team can plan the First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March accordingly. This page includes key information regarding the application. Especially if you have not marched with us before, we recommend you also review the flow of the March and FAQ.

Click here to fill out the marcher application form.

If children will be traveling with you, please complete the form again for each child. Pets are not allowed on the March.

The form has three main sections: Contact Information, Marching Logistics, and Marching Conduct

Cynthia Hunafa

Contact information

Who are you and how can we contact you?

For marcher. The first section asks for information about you so we best know how to communicate with you.  To facilitate communication between the marchers, you may choose to have your phone number added to a directory that will be shared among the marchers.

For emergency contact. Let us know who to reach in case of an emergency.

For guardian. If you are under the age of 18, we ask for information about your parent or guardian.


Marching Logistics

This section will help us prepare to move a large group of people along the route.

Days marching. In order to properly prepare, we need to know how many people will be joining us each day of the March. Indicate “Yes” for each day you will be marching with us.

Marcher fees. To offset the costs of the March, each marcher is asked to contribute $20 per marching day. Children 12 and under are $10 per day. There is no charge for the welcome night on Friday, August 31.

Contributions can be either personally, through finding sponsors, or through a scholarship.  We will help you set up your profile on our Meet the Marchers crowdfunding page, which you may use to solicit donations from your sponsors. If you wish, you may also provide support to another marcher.

Marcher fees are accepted as soon as you apply. See the Meet the Marchers page or the Donate page for ways to pay. Please indicate with your payment that the money is to be applied for your marcher fee. Questions may be directed to Shari at [email protected]

Marching fees will cover food, camping space fees, march t-shirt, and transportation of gear while marching. You will be responsible for providing your own tent and camp gear — though we expect to have some supplies donated that we can share with marchers who don’t have these things. We will be creating a video to show you what to pack, and you can refer to our packing list.

T-Shirt. You will receive a march t-shirt. The 100% organic cotton unisex t-shirts will be available in adult sizes from Small to 2X-Large. T-shirts may be picked up during the march or prior to the march. If unisex t-shirts are not for you, you may choose to not get a shirt.

Volunteering. Moving a village daily takes a lot of work. Marchers need to fill roles throughout the week. Please indicate Yes next to the tasks that you have a skill and/or preference for.

The gear truck pulls the trailer with the solar generator

Media / Blogging / Social Media. A goal of the march is to create a public awareness and buzz about the landowner/Sierra Club lawsuit. This includes ties to a newspaper, radio or TV station, as well as blog, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

I have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). We will have large vehicles pulling trailers, and CDL experience will be helpful.

Truck pulling the commode trailer, during a marching break

Drive moving truck pulling solar trailer, no CDL needed. Our gear truck is typically a commercial moving truck. Let us know if you feel comfortable driving a truck like this, which pulls the trailer with the solar generator.

Drive pickup truck pulling commode trailer, no CDL needed. Someone needs to drive the truck used at marching breaks, which is a pickup truck pulling the commode trailer.

Drive sag wagon car. Although the intention is for all marchers to march the entire way, there may be a situation where someone cannot complete the trip, and need a ride.

The solar generator. Left: collapsed for travel. Right: expanded to collect sun.

Mechanical expertise. We will have a few support vehicles, and although no one anticipates problems, we would like to know who can help out if a situation arises.

Solar generator set up and tear down. The panels of our solar generator must be extended in order to collect sun, however the panels must be down for traveling, which will happen daily. There is also other maintenance.

First Aid / CPR / Medical. Should a minor issue or emergency arise, we want to identify the people in the group who can address medical issues promptly.

Our tent site in downtown Searsboro

Physical / Massage therapy. If you are willing to share your talents with marchers that become sore, let us know.

Psychological counseling. If someone is experiencing a minor mental or emotional difficulty, we would like to identify who would be willing to talk with them.

The gear truck is organized with shelves

Conflict Resolution skills. Living in close quarters in an unfamiliar setting can sometimes flare emotions. Let us know if you have experience in mediating disagreements.

Loading and unloading equipment. Communal gear, such as kitchen equipment, will need to be loaded and unloaded from the gear truck. Each marcher will be loading and unloading their own personal gear, including tent.

Gear Truck organization. With items continually being loaded and unloaded off the Gear Truck, it can quickly get messy. Help make it so there is a place for everything and everything in its place.

Cooking on the march

Camp scaping. When arriving to a new camp, help get it set up. When leaving, practice Leave No Trace to make sure it is as good as or better than we found it.

Kitchen prep. Marchers burn a lot of calories and need to eat a lot. Help with kitchen prep such as cleaning and cutting vegetables and setting the food out buffet style. We also need someone who likes cooking meat.

The dishwashing station

Kitchen clean up. Large scale cooking requires a lot of clean up, and we won’t be hauling a dishwasher with us. This group will be responsible for set up and tear down of the dishwashing station. They will make sure dining tables are tidy, and cookware and leftover food are put away.

Tidying up the commodes. Our commode trailer is environmentally friendly, without the harsh chemicals associated with a commercial porta-potty. When done right, it won’t smell, but it does require some maintenance. We will teach you what you need to know.

Trailer with commodes and solar showers

Recycling, composting, waste removal. Being sustainably minded, we will be separating out recycling and compost from the waste. This team will be responsible for appropriately disposing as well. This includes burying the human waste from the commodes.

Musician. Do you play a portable musical instrument or sing? There will be opportunities to share your talents.

Let us know if you can do large scale painting like this.

Painting skills – Signage on truck. We will have art-build days to create posters and other art, including painting a large canvas which will be attached to our rented gear truck. This is a task that would happen before the march starts.

Specify additional skills or talents. You have skills other than the ones listed above, and perhaps you realize one of them would be helpful on the march. If so, let us know.

Chap Myers

Type of food. To help with meal planning, please indicate what type of food you will eat during the March. If you have additional dietary restrictions, they can be detailed in the next question.

Vegan. Eat plant products only.

Vegetarian. In addition to plant products, eat food produced by animals, like milk and egg products, but not meat from animals.

Omnivore. Eat plant products, animal derived products, and meat like beef, pork and chicken.

Special needs. Please list special needs you have that we need to be aware of, including but not limited to these examples.

Dietary. Let us know if you have any food allergies or other food restrictions. In certain cases, you may need to bring your own food.

Physical. If you have a physical limitation, such as not being able to lift above two pounds, please let us know.

Medical. List medical issues or medications that we should be aware of in case of an emergency. You will be responsible for any medications you need, such as allergy medicine.

Cultural. If there are any cultural or religious needs you would like us to be aware of, let us know.

Jon Neiderbach and Donnielle Wanatee

Photo and name permission. A purpose of this march is to publicize the importance of the landowner/Sierra Club lawsuit. Many people will be using social media and blogging; we are working to have media coverage; and we are planning a documentary to capture and further promote our experience. Confirm whether you are okay with your name, picture and likeness being used. If not, please let us know what you are comfortable with.


Marching Conduct

This section addresses how we will behave when on the March.

Felonies. To ensure the safety of all marchers, we ask whether you have been convicted of a felony or a crime of violence. If so, please explain. Checking yes does not automatically disqualify you from the March.

Initial if you agree section:

Marchers approach the first day’s destination in Deep River.

Medical conditions. By initialing this you are stating that you do not have any current or past medical conditions that could affect your ability to march 10-14 miles per day for eight days. (Heart attack, stroke, asthma, etc.)

Marching together. We will walk together as one group while marching. This increases visibility, safety, and makes more of an impact. By initialing here you have read this and agree to walk together with the group at 20-minute mile pace (3 miles per hour) with a break roughly every hour.

No alcohol or illegal drugs. By initialing, you understand alcohol and illegal drug use are prohibited while marching, in camp, and at march sponsored gatherings.

Code of nonviolence. Prior to the 2017 Climate Justice Unity March, a group named Tiger Swan spread a false Facebook video claiming that we would be violent (#bewareiowa). We must prove that we are not.

Marchers are expected to adhere to a strict code of nonviolence outlined here. Weapons, including legal guns, are prohibited. By initialing here you understand that you are familiar with the details of our code of nonviolence and agree to uphold it.


Marchers pause for prayer as they cross the path of the Dakota access pipeline

* There will be no cursing, no displays of anger, and no destruction of property. We will cooperate with police officers and other public officials.
* We will act with love, openness, compassion, and respect toward all who we encounter and their surroundings. We will not be violent in our actions, words, or toward any person or property.
* We will act fairly and honestly with people regardless of the situation or the role they play.
* We will remain calm and aware at all times.
* We will keep a clear state of mind and refrain from the use of alcohol or drugs, other than for medical purposes. We will not have any illegal drugs or alcohol with us while marching or while in camp.
* We will carry no weapons.
* We will seek dialogue with those who may disagree with us. We will maintain a spirit of openness, friendliness, and respect toward all with whom we engage.

Waiver of liability. By initialing you understand there will be a liability waiver to sign when you join the March.

Additional Comments or Questions

At the end of the application you will have an opportunity to submit additional comments about your application and an opportunity to ask any questions.

Next Steps

After you submit your application, you will receive an email from one of our team members within a day or two. At that time you will be able to edit your responses if needed.

Meanwhile, have others in your party submit applications. Each child must have a separate application as well.