Tim Ryan

Rep. Tim Ryan with John Davis

Monday, May 21, 2019
Council Bluffs
Bird Dog: John Davis

“I talked with Ryan. He doesn’t yet have a climate plan, but told me will have one at some point. He said he’s going to make fighting climate change one of his top priorities and asked me to send him information he can review to help put together his climate plan. I’ll do that, and told Ryan it also would be good to look at what Inslee, O’Rourke and Sanders have committed to.” — John Davis


Saturday, May 18, 2019
Sioux City
Bird Dogs: Mark Leonard, Susan Leonard, Linda Santi

3 thoughts on “Tim Ryan

  • peter fedak

    Where was Tim Ryan at when youngstown citizens for 8 years put a ballot in y town for citizens water protection ballot and one year the Y town board of elections illegally banned our LEGAL ballot initiative and the Ohio Supreme court illegally backed the Ytown board of elections. Where was he when Youngstown gave two permits to Oil & Gas to frack on Meander RESEVOUR shores.Where was he when Youngstown charged Y town citizens extra fee on their water bills to repair decrepit water lines than spent that money on anew hotel at Youngstown State University and they don’tknow where the money went when Ohio State Auditors asked where is the missing —- ? millions. They don’t seem to know.


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