Elizabeth Warren

Saturday, March 2, 2019
Kathy Byrnes, Ed Fallon, Sam Kuhn, Marty Monroe

In response to Ed’s question about whether she’s willing to prioritize climate change, Senator Warren said, “The problem we have in Washington is how many politicians have sold out to the oil companies. … When I say the way we have to start this is around corruption and beating back the influence of money in Washington, taking back our government so it works for us instead of working for those with money, that is prioritizing climate change.”

Ed writes, “Warren didn’t answer my question. She deflected. I asked her pointblank if she would prioritize the climate crisis and she flipped the question to her top issue. Sure, corruption is a problem. But it’ll take years to drain the DC swamp, especially after the bigger gators Trump’s stocked it with. Rooting out the corrupting influence of money in politics is an important issue. But it’s an issue. Climate change is an escalating crisis. It needs to be tackled head on, not through side bars like Warren’s end-corruption focus, or Andrew Yang’s guaranteed-annual-income focus. When candidates take a question about prioritizing climate change and simply talk further about their campaign’s main theme, they’re essentially saying that climate change is not their top priority, and that’s unacceptable.”


Saturday, March 2, 2019
Kai Hedstrom, Toby Cain, Hannah Breckbill

Kai writes, “Overall, I came away impressed. She is clearly very passionate and at the same time authentic and genuine — or at least that was my perception. Her biggest campaign pitch has to do with assisting working families and reversing the system we currently have in place where big money dictates what legislation and policies folks in DC focus on.

“She only took three questions after her speaking engagement, so I didn’t get a chance to ask about climate change. She then took the time to take pictures with and meet everyone in attendance, which I thought was quite nice of her. I did get to shake her hand and meet, but it was a 15-second interaction. I told her I hoped she continued to focus on climate change as it is the policy my generation is going to have to deal with and suffer the consequences of. She seemed receptive to that.”


Sunday, February 10, 2019
Josie Ironshield, Christine Nobiss, Bob O’Hare, Lakasha Touches Lightning, Michael Wilcox, Linda Willaredt, Jay Wolin

Thanks to Jay Wolin for capturing video of Michael Wilcox’s question on climate and the Green New Deal (3:00-minute mark on second video). Thanks to the others who were there to bird-dog on the climate crisis and related concerns, including Christine Nobiss and Lakasha Touches Lightning with Seeding Sovereignty, Josie Ironshield with Sage Sisters of Solidarity, Linda Willaredt and Bob O’Hare.

Elizabeth Warren with Josie Ironshield

Our one complaint about this event was that Warren only took two questions from the audience. Mike Wilcox (who claims he never wins the door prize – lol) was selected out of what appeared to be a large number of question requests. So, we got lucky.

After the formal program, both Christine Nobiss and Josie Ironshield had a chance to talk with Warren privately. Josie writes, “Senator Warren really sympathized with me about the Dakota Access Pipeline. I told her I thought President Trump was horrible about the to call her ‘Pocahontas.’ I told her that, as an Indigenous person, I too big offense to his comment.”

Posted by Jay Wolin on Sunday, February 10, 2019

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