Kamala Harris

Thursday, June 27, 2019
Bird Dogs: Kari Noble, Steve Shivvers

At a meet and greet in Indianola, 500 people showed up to listen to Kamala Harris’s would-be presidential policies. Unfortunately, she did not mention climate change during her speech. When asked about the Climate Crisis, she replied that it was an existential threat, she would reenter the Paris Climate Agreement and she supports the Green New Deal.


Saturday, February 23, 2019
Bird Dogs: Sid Barfoot, Morgan Bradley, Kathy Byrnes, Mark Clipsham, Ed Fallon, Daniel Hill, Lisa Kinney, Sam Kuhn, Marty Monroe, Lee Tesdell

Ed was quoted in the New York Times.  Unfortunately they edited out the part that the comment was about climate.

At a voter forum in Des Moines on Saturday, Ms. Harris said she did not want to be pegged in any fixed ideological category — a posture that can frustrate some progressive Democrats.

“That was evasive,” said Ed Fallon, a liberal Iowa activist who attended the forum. “It’s clear that she wasn’t being clear.”


He was also quoted in Yahoo! Lifestyle.

Ed Fallon, a commentator on Iowa politics who has been “bird-dogging” candidates — as he put it — for 32 years, thought Harris did well to talk about climate change. But he was not fully satisfied with what he heard. “Mentioning climate change and prioritizing it are two different things,” Fallon said.