Julian Castro

Thursday, October 17, 2019
Des Moines
Bird Dogs: Kathy Byrnes, Ed Fallon, Todd Steichen

Here are two videos from the event at Urban Dreams. The first shows Castro bringing up climate at the end of his stump speech. In the second video, Ed challenges Castro to be as vocal about climate as Governor Jay Inslee had been when he was a candidate for president.


Saturday, July 27, 2019
Des Moines
Asian & Latino Coalition
Bird Dogs: Kathy Byrnes, Adrianne Erickson, Ed Fallon, Sam Kuhn, Valerie Madison, Todd Steichen

Samantha Kuhn, Adrianne Erickson, Ed Fallon, Julian Castro, Valerie Madison, Todd Steichen and Kathy Byrnes

Adrianne reports: “Regarding today’s meeting with Secretary Castro: he made it known that he would make it a goal to lead us towards net zero emissions and also create jobs through the clean energy economy. He mentioned rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, negotiating with our allies to make even bigger goals, and investing in the Green New Deal.

“However, from my point of view, I didn’t get the impression that he was fully aware of the crisis at hand and its true urgency. Within his answer, he didn’t recognize the work we really need to do in order to get us on track towards a sustainable, healthy, safe future. He said it was a win-win to care about clean energy since that would mean more jobs and that seemed to be his main focus for caring about this issue. I would have loved to hear more about the other benefits that would come from adopting sustainable practices and why it is important for the government to provide answers and support.

“Did his answer, even though he mentions some great actions, make me feel like he was fully aware of our sustainability crisis and that he truly felt the same urgency that myself and many others do? It didn’t. He explained what he would do, but he didn’t explain why it was important and the many ways our entire ecosystem would benefit from consciously moving towards a more sustainable future. This isn’t just about renewable energy and creating jobs. It is about enforcing sustainable practices in every level of everything we do, so we can prevent our own destruction within a much quicker timeframe.”


Thursday, February 21, 2019
Des Moines
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