Christine Nobiss

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Why I’m marching: I am marching because no other landscape on Turtle Island has been more biologically altered than Iowa and, during this time of climate crisis, I want to convey profound and sustainable perspectives of Indigenous communities, cultures and relationships to the Earth, which is absolutely imperative to healing our Earth Mother. Recently, I created Seeding Sovereignty’s Land Decolonization Project with the intent on bringing a more cohesive Indigenous stand against Big-AG, CAFOs, DAPL and more. The desired impact is to provide a louder Indigenous presence to a state “outside” of Indian country, but yet so significant in its role for our ancestors, as it lies between the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. As always, I give my gratitude to the Meskwaki people, the last nation to successfully remain in Iowa.

About me: I’m the founder of Indigenous Iowa and Little Creek Camp. I also work for Seeding Sovereignty and Bold Iowa and title myself a Decolonizer. I’m Plains Cree-Salteaux of the George Gordon First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada and grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and have been living in Iowa for 12 years. I have a Masters degree in Native American Religious Studies and a graduate minor in Native American Indian Studies from the University of Iowa. I’m the mother of three and do this work for the sake of my children.

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Days Marching: September 1-3 and 7-8

Goal ($20 per day): $100

Amount donated:  $45
Susan Franzen – $20
Mary Bennett – $25