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Code of Nonviolence

During the First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March, we will follow this Code of Nonviolence. Code of Nonviolence: * There will be no cursing, no displays of anger, and no destruction of property. We will cooperate with police officers and other public officials. * We will act with love, openness, compassion, and respect toward all who we encounter and their surroundings. We will not be violent in our actions, words, or toward any person or property. * We will act fairly and honestly with Continue reading →

Flow of the March

Knowing what to expect will make the First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March run smoother for everyone. Timeline Here is an approximate timeline based on an 8:00 a.m. starting to march time. If the weather is predicted to be hot, waking and marching will be earlier. The length of time marching will vary based on miles marched. 5:30 a.m. – Kitchen prep team wakes 6:00 a.m. – Rest of camp wakes up 7:40 a.m. – Round up to hear announcements 8:00 a.m. – Start Continue reading →

Save the date to march with us

Dear Friends, Often when there’s a crisis, people respond by traveling great distances on foot. Marches often transform the participants, and have changed my life, too. (Stay tuned for the upcoming release of my first book, Marcher, Walker, Pilgrim.) Most important, marches change history. Consider: The Women’s Suffrage March Gandhi’s Salt March The 1965 March for Voting Rights The 1986 Great Peace March, which mobilized support for a nuclear test ban and citizen diplomacy between Americans and Russians From September 1 – 8, fifty people Continue reading →

Marcher Application for First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March

Marchers are required to complete a marcher application so that the logistics team can plan the First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March accordingly. This page includes key information regarding the application. Especially if you have not marched with us before, we recommend you also review the flow of the March and FAQ. Click here to fill out the marcher application form. If children will be traveling with you, please complete the form again for each child. Pets are not allowed on the March. The Continue reading →

Two tales of the pipeline

Link to original article: Covered by The Messenger, Fort Dodge, Iowa, May 23, 2018 Some of the landowners in this article have spoken or will speak at Bold Iowa’s “Stop Eminent Domain Abuse” Roadshow, which educates about the landowner lawsuit going to the Iowa Supreme Court. Excerpt: One negotiated a deal; another fought Dakota Access over right of way; their experiences could hardly be more different Some landowners along the route of an oil pipeline installed in 2016 claim the work left their soil compacted Continue reading →

Crowdfunding for Promotional Film

Click to donate between now and May 28! YOUR DONATION WILL SUPPORT… The creation of a short, snappy video by natnif explaining the Landowner / Sierra Club lawsuit against the Iowa Utilities Board, and promoting the First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March, September 1-8. The video will provide stories from farmers whose land has been damaged by the Dakota Access pipeline. It will be shown during Bold Iowa’s “Stop Eminent Domain Abuse” Roadshow and spread far and wide on social media. Additional donations Continue reading →

Of Mud and Oil: The Dakota Access Pipeline and the Struggle to Repair the Farmland

Link to original article: Covered by Iowa State Daily, Ames, Iowa, May 11, 2018 Some of the landowners in this article have spoken or will speak at Bold Iowa’s “Stop Eminent Domain Abuse” Roadshow.   Excerpt: LaVerne Johnson popped a Lifesaver mint into his mouth and motioned out in the direction of the field outside his house. “I want to tell you how brazen these people are,” he said. Johnson’s wrinkled face grew serious as he paused. “These sons-of-bitches don’t have any care at all. Continue reading →

Bold Iowa Launches “Stop Eminent Domain Abuse” Roadshow – Cedar Rapids

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, May 3, 2018 EVENT DATE / TIME: Tuesday, May 8, 6:00-8:00 p.m. Sponsor: Green Iowa AmeriCorps / Second Tuesday Movie Night Location: Groundswell Gathering Space & Youth Arts Venue,       201 3rd Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Contact: Ed Fallon at (515) 238-6404 or   Sarah Spain at (805) 857-3715 or Bold Iowa Launches “Stop Eminent Domain Abuse” Roadshow To highlight the historic eminent domain lawsuit before the Iowa Supreme Court filed by the Iowa Sierra Club and landowners Continue reading →

Wells Fargo under fire

Dear Friends, Actions have consequences. That’s a lesson each of us learned as kids — hopefully. Now it’s Wells Fargo’s turn to learn about consequences for a string of transgressions that make anything most of us did as kids look, well, like child’s play. – Wells Fargo continues to finance the Dakota Access Pipeline and other Energy Transfer Partner fossil fuel projects. – Wells Fargo also finances private prisons, the NRA, and other industries coming under intense public scrutiny. – Wells Fargo has been “accused Continue reading →