Packing list for First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March

Everything you bring must fit into only two duffel bags or suitcases, and one small backpack or satchel to carry while you walk.

IMPORTANT: Please label your bags and all individual items.

Leave valuables (including cars and pets) as well as breakable items at home. 

Personal (NOTE: Use your discretion, as some of these are optional.)


Credit card or ATM card

Travel towel (quick dry)

Hand towel (quick dry)

Small spray bottle with water for cooling down

Ziploc bags

Small mesh bags

Ear plugs 

Hand sanitizer

Foot care items, like Moleskin

First aid kit

Prescription medications





*Lip balm with sunscreen

*Bug spray or wipes


*Body wipes (only compostable)

Musical instrument – If you are bringing a musical instrument, it is highly recommended to transport it in a protective case.

* = unscented, biodegradable products requested


Cell phone and charger

Camera (or phone)

iPod and headphones, if desired

Small portable solar charger, if you have one

Personal Hotspot, if you have one

Computer or iPad. (NOTE: We are trying to minimize the amount of computers on this march.)


Mess Kit (personal eating utensils) stored in a mesh bag with your name on it

Reusable Lunch Bag


Sleeping pad

Sleeping bag (20 degree)

1 small pillow

Battery operated headlamp and/or lantern and/or flashlight

Collapsible camp chair (pack in one of your duffel bags if you can, otherwise it may be stored separately)


Bright Clothing for marching makes it easier for drivers to see you

Hat with a wide brim to protect against the sun 


Rain gear

Socks for a week (Not cotton. Quick dry or smartwool)

3-7 shirts (quick dry preferred)

1-3 pairs of shorts or skirts (quick dry or smartwool)

1  pair of long pants

1-2 pairs of shoes to march

Sandals to wear at camp and/or in shower



Day pack, fanny pack or satchel

Walking stick


Water bottle/Camelbak/bladder

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