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Employee / Volunteer Policies

Bold Iowa WORKPLACE VIOLENCE PREVENTION Policy Statement Bold Iowa does not tolerate any type of workplace violence from any person involved in Bold Iowa operations, including, but not limited to employees, volunteers, contractors, and visitors. Acts or threats of physical violence – whether express or implied – that involve or affect Bold Iowa, its personnel or property, or which occur on company property, will not be tolerated. Purpose The purpose of this policy is to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and Continue reading →

Hickenlooper makes his Iowa debut as a declared presidential candidate

Colorado Politics Excerpt: Ed Fallon and Kathy Brynes of Bold Iowa, a climate-change organization, said they hoped to hear a strong message of support for climate change over all else. Hickenlooper spoke at length about his efforts to draw environmentalists and the oil and gas industry together to address the state’s methane emissions, a problem more serious than carbon dioxide, he explained. But he didn’t exactly win rousing support from the Bold Iowa contingency, who asked if he would make climate change his top priority. “I’m trying Continue reading →

Featured Bird Dog Content

Featured Content: 1. Letter to Greta Thunberg 2. Video of Bird dogs at Polk County Steak Fry ******* Dear Greta — I write to invite you to visit Iowa, where the presidential campaign is in full force. Since January, over 250 Bold Iowa supporters have lobbied presidential candidates on the climate crisis. Sometimes we ask questions, listen, and display our signs. Sometimes we dress as penguins, in response to the tragic collapse of the second largest colony of Emperor Penguins earlier this year. Once, we Continue reading →

Andrew Yang

Thursday, July 18, 2019 Asian & Latino Coalition Forum Des Moines, Iowa Bird Dogs: Samantha Kuhn, Valerie Madison, Shaun Ahern, Ed Fallon Sam thanked Andrew Yang for saying “climate is existential threat #1,” and asked if he would launch a climate mobilization as his first act as president. Yang insisted that passing the “Freedom Dividend” should come first. After that, he would work on infrastructure, climate change, and other priorities. To us, his claim that climate is existential threat #1 rings hollow when it’s buried Continue reading →