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Could climate change submerge Joe Biden’s presidential bid?

The Guardian Excerpt: In a recent rally in Iowa, Biden said he was “one of the first guys to introduce a climate change bill, way, way back in 87”, a reference to his successful attempt to get President Ronald Reagan to set up a taskforce on the issue. This quote happened because Biden went off script and talked longer about climate due to the presence of the Bold Climate Penguins. Continue reading →

The Dirty Truth About Joe Biden, 1 Million Species Extinct, Israel Attacks

Redacted Tonight Excerpt: In his recent campaign speeches he has hardly mentioned climate change except for when there were penguin people–literally, that’s them–standing right in front of him for the entirety of his speech. So it took some sort of global warming fever dream three feet in front of his face for him to pretend to give a s**t that our future is dying. Continue reading →

A Biden Presidency Would Be a ‘Death Sentence,’ Climate Activists Warn

VICE Excerpt: Ed Fallon, a former Iowa legislator turned radio talk show host and climate activist who once played a game of pool with Biden, wasn’t impressed. He found the former vice-president to be “an eloquent speaker and an all-around likable guy.” But with Iowa recovering from two months of historic flooding linked in part to global carbon emissions, and Democrat supporters rating climate change as a top concern, Fallon wanted to know how seriously Biden takes human survival on our planet. So when Biden spoke Continue reading →

Was Joe Biden a climate change pioneer in Congress? History says yes

PolitiFact Excerpt: Our ruling Biden said, “I’m one of the first guys to introduce a climate change bill, way, way back in ‘87.” There had been some high-profile hearings about climate change on the Hill, as well as a non-binding resolution prior to Biden’s proposal. But he is credited with introducing the first climate change bill. We rate this True. This Biden quote and subsequent article happened because Biden went off script and talked longer about climate due to the presence of the Bold Climate Continue reading → Continue reading →

Joe Biden loves Big Oil

Dear Friends, [CHECK OUT BOLD IOWA’S VIDEO FROM JOE BIDEN’S DES MOINES RALLY] Joe Biden’s campaign bulldozer rolled across Iowa last week. (Tune in to the Fallon Forum, 11:00-12:00 noon today, May 6, as Charles Goldman and I analyze Biden’s Iowa launch. You can also hear the conversation as a podcast and on KHOI 89.1 FM in Ames, KICI 105.3 FM in Iowa City, and other stations across the country.) After stops in Cedar Rapids, Dubuque and Iowa City — where Biden barely mentioned climate Continue reading →

Voters Like Joe Biden. But Are They in Love?

The New York Times Excerpt: On the stump, though, he doesn’t woo voters with sweeping promises or big plans for the future. I found his answer to climate protesters at an event in Des Moines on Wednesday quite telling. “I got there before any of the other candidates did,” he told a group of demonstrators wearing penguin masks, saying he authored a bill to address climate change in the mid-1980s. Two days earlier, Beto O’Rourke had released a $5 trillion proposal to combat climate change. Continue reading →

Biden not there on climate

Dear Friends, As further evidence of the efficacy of bird-dogging — or penguin-popping, as my daughter Fionna suggests we call it — look no further than Joe Biden’s just-finished campaign blitz through Iowa. At his first three stops — Cedar Rapids, Dubuque and Iowa City — Biden barely mentioned climate change. “He made some basic statement about climate, but it wasn’t anything like we’d want to hear,” said Christine Lehman-Engledow, who attended Biden’s rally in Cedar Rapids. In Iowa City, Diane Lahr reports, “There was some Continue reading →

Bold Climate Penguins in The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal Excerpt: During Mr. Biden’s event at a Des Moines brewery Wednesday evening, a half-dozen demonstrators wore penguin masks near the stage as Mr. Biden spoke. They held signs that read, “Climate is a Crisis.” Mr. Biden told them he would address climate change, saying, “By the way, I got there before any of the other candidates did, I might add.” He later noted that he had authored a Senate bill to address climate change in the mid-1980s. “You’re preaching to the Continue reading → Continue reading →

Biden Calls for Restoration of Middle Class in Iowa Rally

Courthouse News Service Excerpt: Ed Fallon, 61, of Des Moines, is part of a group called Bold Iowa, who dressed up as penguins at the rally to demonstrate in favor of doing something about what they say is a crisis over climate change. “He talked about climate change, because he saw we were here,” Fallon said, but he’s not sure about Biden’s chances in this election, because he is seen as part of the political establishment. “That is problematic,” Fallon said. Continue reading →