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Debbie Griffin

Donate to Debbie here. Why I’m marching:  There’s a common bond that develops when we come together to do something like a march. I care about people and the Earth. My faith compels me to march, demanding that I do justice. Oppressive systems, government, many of our laws, and unchecked capitalism prioritizes wealth and particular groups of people over care for the Earth and equity for all people. A march like this can make a positive difference and encourage us to carry on, but it also Continue reading →

Chap Myers

Donate to Chap here. Why I’m marching:  I’m coming on the March to help Lyssa Wade prepare food for the marchers in the Veggie Thumper bus. This march is important to me because of the eminent domain lawsuit. I just don’t like seeing people get pushed around. About me: I grew up in Des Moines but lived most of my adult life in Colorado, working as a librarian. For five years in Durango, I hosted a radio program called “Go Pogo: Pit Bull Rock and Continue reading →

David Thoreson

Donate to David here. Why I’m marching:  Further development of fossil fuels will continue to heat up the world and cause dramatic weather events that will endanger future generations. I feel an obligation to do everything that I can to move us in a new direction. About me: Growing up in the Iowa Great Lakes area, I’ve been a long-time water quality advocate. I’m a sailor and a photo-journalist. As the first American sailor to traverse the northwest passage in both directions, I saw up Continue reading →

Meet the Marchers

Dear Friends, Just like planet Earth, preparations for the First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March are heating up. This past weekend, Sarah Spain and Chap Myers scouted the route between Des Moines and Fort Dodge. We’re now closing in on locating the seven campsites we’ll need for the September 1 – 8 march. Also, Sarah and her brother, Sean, are working on improvements to our “Mobile Bathroom” unit — a trailer that hauls both environmentally friendly commodes and solar showers. Besides the trailer’s functional Continue reading →

Jeff Kisling

Donate to Jeff here. Why I’m marching: Climate change has been important to me for most of my life — since I decided to give up owning a car 40 years ago. My first walk for a cause was in 1969. About me: I was born a Quaker and have remained a Quaker all my life. I came of age in the Vietnam War. I did two years of alternative service, training as a respiratory therapist. I liked the work so well I went on to Continue reading →

Kelly Boon

Donate to Kelly here. Why I’m marching: I’ve always said that if you’re going to be in the parade you might as well lead it, because if you’re going to make a difference, you’ve gotta take risks. About me: I believe that what we focus on is what we promote. This March is very important because we will be meeting people in their communities to share food and conversation, and to find common ground in how we can make a difference to bring healing to our planet. Continue reading →

Christine Lehman-Engledow

Donate to Christine here. Why I’m marching: I’m marching because I’m concerned about the environment and our drinking water. Pipelines have abused eminent domain to take land from people. They have ruined the land, all for some big corporation’s pocketbook. Pipelines leak and we can’t afford to have them contaminate our water. I feel like our country has gotten out of control with the people that are in power now. They are doing everything against the environment. About me: I live in Swisher, Iowa and am retired Continue reading →

Josie Ironshield

Donate to Josie here. Why I’m marching: I’m marching in solidarity with Bold Iowa and Indigenous Iowa in support of all that we are fighting for. We have to be willing to sacrifice our own bodies to get our point across in this important struggle. About me: I’m a Lakota Sioux from Standing Rock and I live in the Quad Cities. I work to educate people about the Native American perspective, about healing the Earth. The Dakota Access Pipeline has done more damage at Standing Rock than Continue reading →