Miriam Kashia

Donate to Miriam here. Why I’m marching: I’m marching because the nations of the world, except this one, agree that we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground. I’m also marching because of the illegal use of eminent domain to build the Dakota Access Pipeline. Oil may be flowing through Iowa, but it ain’t over ’til it’s over, and you don’t lose ’til you quit. We’re not quitting. At age 75, I can march, so I must. About me: After I retired as a Continue reading →

Christine Lehman-Engledow

Donate to Christine here. Why I’m marching: I’m marching because I’m concerned about the environment and our drinking water. Pipelines have abused eminent domain to take land from people. They have ruined the land, all for some big corporation’s pocketbook. Pipelines leak and we can’t afford to have them contaminate our water. I feel like our country has gotten out of control with the people that are in power now. They are doing everything against the environment. About me: I live in Swisher, Iowa and am retired Continue reading →

Josie Ironshield

Donate to Josie here. Why I’m marching: I’m marching in solidarity with Bold Iowa and Indigenous Iowa in support of all that we are fighting for. We have to be willing to sacrifice our own bodies to get our point across in this important struggle. About me: I’m a Lakota Sioux from Standing Rock and I live in the Quad Cities. I work to educate people about the Native American perspective, about healing the Earth. The Dakota Access Pipeline has done more damage at Standing Rock than Continue reading →

Regina Tsosie

Donate to Regina here. Why I’m marching: The purpose of the March is urgent and vital. We need to everything we can to protect the Earth, clean water, and everything that sustains us. We need to make certain we preserve this Earth for our grandchildren. About me: I work with Sage Sisters, a group of Indigenous women that formed out of Standing Rock. One of our sisters, Josie, is from the Standing Rock nation. Besides fighting for clean air and clean water, we organized a Continue reading →

Emma Schmit

Donate to Emma here. Why I’m marching: I’m marching because our future depends on us winning the fight against climate chaos. If not now, when! About me: I’ve got few talents but sure know how to run my mouth. I use this skill to speak up against injustice, to give a voice to individuals with developmental disabilities I’ve worked with over the past six years, and to whine about pretty much everything. I’m mother to 4-year-old Lillian Grace. We both love a good protest and will never Continue reading →

Fred Kirschenmann

Donate to Fred here. Why I’m marching: I’m joining this march because I believe we all need to make our voices heard to support the kind of changes that our planet needs, and choosing “voices” that we believe can make a difference. I have decided that joining with others who feel sufficiently compelled to speak out to commit to a long walk together, where others can see us, and therefore perhaps begin to realize how important it is to us and our grandchildren to speak Continue reading →

Packing list for First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March

We have a video here and a list below to help you pack for the First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March. Everything you bring for the march must fit into two duffel bags or suitcases and one small backpack or satchel to carry while you walk.  You may consider borrowing items or finding sponsors for some of your gear. IMPORTANT: Please label your bags and all individual items Leave valuables (including cars and pets) as well as breakable items at home. NOTE: Use your discretion Continue reading →

Trisha Etringer

Donate to Trisha here. Why I’m marching: I march for Indigenous rights, landowner rights, and clean water for my children. They and other children deserve clean water and a healthy way of living. About me: I’m a member of the Hochunk Nation of Nebraska. I live in Cedar Falls and am majoring in psychology and minoring in mental health at UNI. My experience at Standing Rock was eye opening. My time there woke me up to the importance of fighting to protect Mother Earth. I had never Continue reading →

Donnielle Wanatee

Donate to Donnielle here. Why I’m marching: I’m marching because Iowa can do better than it has. We need to unify all the people in our state. The most important area of common ground on is our water. When Iowans want to do something important, we can come together, like we did to allow gays and lesbians to marry. We were one of the first states to do that. We could be one of the first states to shut down a pipeline that never should Continue reading →