Tim Dwight

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Why I’m marching: I’m marching because climate change is real and fossil fuels need to go away ASAP. Also, it’s time to stand with Native Americans to fight for their freedoms and rights — we are still doing to Indigenous people what we did to them 170 years ago, and it’s time to stop. Finally, I’m marching because Iowa can be a leader in these causes!

About me: I’m an Iowa native, and All-American and All-Big-Ten Iowa Hawkeye football and track-and-field student athlete. I’m a ten-year veteran of the NFL and have worked as a solar integrator for ten years. I’m president of the Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association (ISETA), and that organization is one of the reasons Iowa’s solar industry is flourishing.

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Days Marching: Sept 3 and 4, 6 and 7

Goal ($20 per day): $80

Amount donated: