Samantha Kuhn

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Why I’m marching: I decided to march as a way to familiarize myself with the different issues facing Iowans. What better way than to march (and camp!) across a part of Iowa with a group of environmentally and politically minded people while at the same time meeting and talking to others along the way with a variety of perspectives. Since I will soon be moving to Des Moines, I thought this would be a good way of jumping right in and learning more about the people and state I’m moving to.

About me: I’m a former academic (16th century European history) and community college instructor who has decided to move to Des Moines from my hometown, Chicago, to work on the Iowa Caucuses and eventually the next presidential election. Before that, I worked with a variety of non-profits during my time with Americorps. Though I was a bit younger and more idealistic then, I have, in a way, reverted back to those roots. With the state of our country right now, it’s time for as many people as possible, starting with myself, to go out and do their best to effect positive change. This march is my first step in Iowa.

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Days Marching: Sept 1 – 8

Goal ($20 per day): $160

Amount donated: $80
Susan Karr – $20
47 World LLC – $20
Luke Ryan – $40