Debbie Griffin

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Why I’m marching:  There’s a common bond that develops when we come together to do something like a march. I care about people and the Earth. My faith compels me to march, demanding that I do justice. Oppressive systems, government, many of our laws, and unchecked capitalism prioritizes wealth and particular groups of people over care for the Earth and equity for all people. A march like this can make a positive difference and encourage us to carry on, but it also must be partnered with lobbying our legislators, good stewardship of the Earth and responsible ethical spending.

About me: I’m a pastor at Downtown Disciples in Des Moines, a progressive faith community whose mission is to “Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly together.” We’re affiliated with the Christian Church Disciples of Christ. We’re an LGBTQ affirming faith community that proclaims Black Lives Matter. In our daily lives and in our worship we’re intentional about being kind to the environment. We preach good stewardship of the Earth and respect science. We believe that climate change is not only real but is an issue of justice that we must address. At Downtown Disciples we encourage our community members to be holistic in their faith journey, which includes responsible stewardship of our financial resources, the Earth, time and talent.  Purchasing products that are eco-friendly and fair trade are an important part of our faith and justice journey.

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Days Marching: September 5-8

Goal ($20 per day): $80

Amount donated: $80
$80 – Debbie Griffin