David Thoreson

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Why I’m marching:  Further development of fossil fuels will continue to heat up the world and cause dramatic weather events that will endanger future generations. I feel an obligation to do everything that I can to move us in a new direction.

About me: Growing up in the Iowa Great Lakes area, I’ve been a long-time water quality advocate. I’m a sailor and a photo-journalist. As the first American sailor to traverse the northwest passage in both directions, I saw up close how the polar ice caps have been affected by climate change. I’ve also sailed around the North and South American continents, which helped me realize the interconnectedness between land and water. It’s clear that humankind’s actions on the land are dramatically affecting what’s going on in the seas and oceans of the world in a harmful way.

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Days Marching: September 4-8

Goal ($20 per day): $100

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