Working with Warren

Dear Friends,

Silently holding signs during Warren’s event to bring attention to the climate crisis.

For evidence that our Climate Bird Dog initiative is having an impact, check with Elizabeth Warren. Bold Iowa has mobilized 31 people to attend Warren campaign events in 6 cities. We’ve asked questions during the formal program and talked with her one-on-one on several occasions.

Most recently 9 climate bird dogs stood directly in front of Warren as she spoke to a packed room in West Des Moines. She referenced our signs several times during her speech. After the formal program, her state coordinator Janice Rottenberg, approached our group and asked, basically, “What do you want?”

Talking to Warren’s staffer, Janice Rottenberg

This week, Kathy and I followed up that conversation with a phone chat with Janice. We shared our disappointment that Sen. Warren clearly understands the urgency of the climate crisis yet says little or nothing about it during her stump speeches or on her website. We also told Janice we are organizing climate forums with each candidate, and would like to plan a forum with Sen. Warren as soon as possible. We want to see Sen. Warren commit to addressing the climate crisis as her first priority.

Video of Elizabeth Warren on Climate, in Marshalltown, March 29, 2019

This is an example of how important this work is. There have been around 225 candidate events in Iowa this year, and the pace is only going to pick up. Whether you have done this before or are new to politics, we invite you to join us.

Also coming up April 25 is our Climate Bird Dog Workshop.

Thanks! — Ed Fallon

Video of Donnielle Wanatee sharing Indigenous concerns with Elizabeth Warren, in Marshalltown, March 29, 2019