URGENT: Calls need on so-called “sabotage” bill

Hi Folks –

I apologize for writing more than once this week, but this is urgent. Just today, Rep Rick Olson has filed amendments to SF 2235 (HF 2394) — the “critical infrastructure sabotage” bill — and we need to turn up the heat to encourage lawmakers to support them. As written the bill does two really bad things:

1. It could make peaceful, non-violence protest a Class B felony — with a possible fine of $100,000 and a 25-year prison sentence!

2. It could further legitimize the Dakota Access Pipeline by classifying it as “critical infrastructure.” That could make it easier for Dakota Access to insist that it’s a public utility in the lawsuit brought by landowners suing over the abuse of eminent domain. And if we lose that lawsuit, it could blow the doors wide open for even further abuse of eminent domain for all kinds of purposes.

The bill could come up as early as this afternoon or this evening! So please call your state representative ASAP and:

1. Ask him/her to support the three amendments by Rep. Rick Olson (below) and,

2. If the three amendments don’t pass, ask your state rep to vote “NO” on the bill.

Here are the amendments: (Click here to read the actual text.)

– H-8189 to SF 2235 changes the list of what qualifies as “critical infrastructure,” eliminating a pipeline merely transporting oil through the state and adding other legitimate infrastructure that we all consider critical.

– H-8190 to SF 2235 says that an action against critical infrastructure is sabotage only when the damage exceeds $100,000.

– H-8191 to SF 2235 clarifies that sabotage does not apply to picketing, public demonstrations, and other expressions of free speech protected under the US and Iowa constitutions.

Find your lawmaker and her/his contact information here.

Take a second to thank the sponsor of the amendments, Rep. Rick Olson.

Finally, let me know what kind of response you get. Thanks! – Ed