Petition to Remove Richard W. Lozier, Jr., from the Iowa Utilities Board

Richard W Lozier, Jr

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Petition Delivery on Friday, September 8 at 11:00 a.m.
Iowa State Capitol, 1007 E Grand Avenue, Des Moines
Join Bold Iowa, Indigenous Iowa, Iowa CCI and Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition on the west steps of the Iowa State Capitol building for a brief press conference. Then we’ll visit the Governor’s office.
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We call on Governor Kim Reynolds and other members of the Executive Council of Iowa (Paul D. Pate, Secretary of State; Michael L. Fitzgerald, Treasurer of State; Bill Northey, Secretary of Agriculture; and Mary Mosiman, Auditor of State) to remove Richard W. Lozier, Jr. from the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) immediately, citing “gross partiality” as referenced in Chapter 66.26(3) of the Iowa Code. Mr. Lozier’s strong connections to Energy Transfer Partners as the attorney for the MAIN Coalition represent clear partiality, not only toward the Dakota Access pipeline but toward any similar proposals likely to come before the IUB in the future.

6 thoughts on “Petition to Remove Richard W. Lozier, Jr., from the Iowa Utilities Board

  • David Sands MD

    Richard Lozier’s actions as attorney for the MAIN Coalition place him in direct conflict of interest with his position on the Iowa Utilities Board. He must be removed from the IUB at once.


    I find it unconscionable that the IUB is allowing industry partiality to form it’s opinions on pipeline projects in our state. Clearly, the majority of Iowans are against fossil fuel pipelines for many reasons (eminent domain issues, climate change issues, alternative energy sector issues). Pipelines collective risk and privatize all gains. The quality and health of our farmlands and watersheds should not be compromised in order to enrich a few out-of-state corporations. I expect you to remove Richard Lozier, Jr immediately.

  • Denyce Rusch

    As the attorney for the MAIN Coalition, it is very clear that Mr. Lozier is not an impartial public servant, ready to represent all Iowans. We need an Iowa Utilities Board that will act in the best interest of all Iowa citizens and not just huge corporations.

  • Barbara

    Energy Transfer Partners has done untold harm to the state of Iowa. And will continue to do great harm. None of the fossil fuel they produce will be allowed to anyone in America. They are destroying our soil, water, crops and landscape just for export to China and other countries and for their own profit.

  • Carol Bentley-Iverson

    Clearly, this appointment would be a glaring conflict of interest and therefore, better choices exist. Please do the right thing by honoring the code of Iowa that would exclude this candidate.


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