One Million Californians March for Climate Action in Iowa!

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Ok, so you’re wondering about the title of this message: One Million Californians March for Climate Action in Iowa. Shortly before the Caucuses, Andrew Yang referenced Iowa’s huge influence on the presidential nomination process, saying, “I did the math; do you know how many Californians each Iowan is worth? Yeah, 1,000 Californians each.”

Using Yang’s math, the recent Climate Crisis Parade drew the equivalent of one million Californians. Ok, so that’s fuzzy math at best. But for sure, a climate action in Des Moines that turns out 1,000 people is enormously important and, as we said last week, it was disappointing that the Mainstream Media’s (MSM) press coverage of the Parade was minimal.

We’ve since discovered more MSM coverage, including this excellent report by Telemundo — America’s #1 Spanish-language network. Check out that story, below, and also beautiful videos captured by Rodger Routh, Trisha Etringer, and Karin Stein.



Climate Crisis Parade

Less than a week ago, Indigenous Iowa and Seeding Sovereignty joined many other co-sponsors at the Climate Crisis Parade in Des Moines, IA. We came together in an attempt to grab mainstream media's attention on the current climate crisis just days before the Iowa caucuses.Seeding Sovereignty organized the indigenous contingent of the march and brought indigenous artist, Remy, to Iowa to construct a wagon with black arrows piercing through it. Indigenous Iowa is a proud cosponsor and played an important role in the event.The words “COLONIALISM” were painted on each side in big, black, and bold letters. Each arrow had words such as reparations, retribution, language, and sovereignty. Remy explains that this is a physical representation of the indigenous response to the lack of media coverage towards not only the climate crisis, but the indigenous people (especially our youth). To see more of Remy's art, go to @f1rstse7venRepresenting for the indigenous youth at this event were Tyler LaMere, an indigneous queer Native woman from the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, and Keely Elizabeth Driscoll, a student at the University of Iowa and a tribal member of the Meskwaki Nation. Both delivered hard-hitting, powerful speeches just moments before the parade began. We would like to thank all the drummers and indigenous folx who came to help us make such an important statement. Thank you also to all of our co-sponsors and the organizers.#indigenousiowa#seedingsovereignty#climatecrisisparade#climatecrisis

Posted by Indigenous Iowa on Friday, February 7, 2020

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