Illinois needs our help

Dear Friends,

Earlier this month, Bold Iowa convened a meeting of our supporters and a handful of Illinois allies who’ve worked tirelessly to stop the expansion of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). State officials in North Dakota, South Dakota, and most recently Iowa have caved in and given DAPL permission to double the flow of oil.

But the Illinois Commerce Commission continues to deliberate. They are the one remaining firewall preventing DAPL from expanding.

What can non-Illinois residents do? Every person receiving this message likely knows at least one Illinois resident. Call or write them immediately. Ask them to: (1) reach out to a local or state media contact and encourage coverage of this story, and/or (2) write a letter-to-the-editor of their local newspaper.

It’s a big deal! Doubling the flow of oil through DAPL means even more damage to Earth’s climate. It increases the threat to Illinois’ farmland and water resources. It violates our Native allies sovereignty. And most of the oil is destined for export.

For ideas on Illinois media outlets to reach out to, contact 350Kishwaukee members Dave and Sandra Davis at (815) 218-1816 or [email protected].

Thank you!

The Bold Iowa Team