Climate March across Iowa encounters mixed opinions on climate change

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Coverage by WHO, Des Moines, Iowa, April 24, 2017

Ed Fallon has marched hundreds of miles in Iowa and other states for causes related to the environment and climate change, but he had never seen the unfriendly hand gestures that greeted him this week.

Fallon, who serves as the director of Bold Iowa, organized this march. A group is going from Deep River, Iowa, to the State Capitol, marching 10-12 miles every day.

Each night they hold a dinner and invite local community members for a dialogue.

“We try to find ways of building bridges to people that might seem like they’re on the other side,” said Fallon. “That guy who put up the confederate flag ended up coming over, and we invited him to dinner.”

Fallon said this week he met some farmers who were not glad to see him, but he also found others who disagreed with his views at first but later discovered they had common ground.

“The guy we met yesterday who was very antagonistic at first, he’s totally with us on conservation and water quality. He’s even putting up a wind turbine.”

The march will conclude at the State Capitol on Saturday.