Climate Bird Dogs

WANTED: CLIMATE PATRIOTS TO BIRD-DOG PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES We’re assembling a corps of 250 volunteers to persistently “bird-dog” presidential candidates on the climate crisis and related concerns. We ask candidates to: — Support the Green New Deal and a transition to 100% renewable-energy by 2030; — Oppose expanding oil pipelines, fracking, and other fossil-fuel projects; — Stand with Indigenous communities to defend sovereignty, land, and water; — Oppose the abuse of eminent domain for private gain. Because of the Iowa Caucuses, Iowans are uniquely situated to Continue reading →

DAPL lion underestimates Iowa Lambs

For those who feel Big Oil always gets its way, think again. In a battle of Lamb vs. Lion (read on and you’ll see what I mean), the little guy and gal just accomplished something impressive. When the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) was still under discussion, most Iowa landowners I met as I walked the pipeline route were against it. In the end, many signed voluntary easements — not because they wanted to but because they felt they had no choice. Dick and Judy Lamb, Continue reading →

Marcher, Walker, Pilgrim

Marcher, Walker, Pilgrim is Ed Fallon’s memoir from the 2014 Great March for Climate Action. On the 3,100-mile, 8-month walk from LA to DC, marchers became a mobile village — weathering harsh conditions, sharing joys and sorrows, and intensifying their commitment to the cause as they sounded the alarm about climate change. Through humor and candid introspection, Ed shares his experience on the March and how it brought into focus his lifelong search for love and meaning — even as intense, interpersonal dramas threatened to Continue reading →