Biden Tells Iowa Man to Vote for Someone Else Accusing him of Supporting Sanders–Man says he’s actually Supporting Steyer

In a startling turn of events, when a group of Bold Iowa bird dogs went to a Biden event at Urban Dreams, little did they know that their recorded efforts would go viral and their interactions with Biden would end up featured in the mainstream media, from the The Guardian to Newsweek, Fox News to GQ, along with every social media platform out there, especially Twitter.  Four days after Ed and Biden’s “discussion,” the video has reached over 2 million hits!

Excerpt from Newsweek:

While meeting with voters during an Iowa campaign stop Tuesday afternoon, Joe Biden experienced a verbal disagreement with former Iowa state representative Ed Fallon over Biden’s climate change platform. When he accused Fallon of being a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders, Fallon declared he was going to vote for Tom Steyer in the primary.


Link to original article:

By Melissa Lemieux, Newsweek, January 28, 2020