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Mnic’opa emac’iyapi

Donate to Mnic’opa emac’iyapi here. Why I’m marching: The point of participating in this march is to show the world that the fight did not end at Standing Rock. We are not compliant with the status quo. The oil may be flowing through the pipeline but the blood flowing through my veins won’t allow me to stand by while the powers that be continue to rape our Mother Earth in the name of profits and patriotism. About me: I am Mnic’opa emac’iyapi of the Ihanktonwan Nation. Follow me Continue reading →

Marissa Diaz

Donate to Marissa here. Why I’m marching: I’m coming to the March to show solidarity as an Indigenous relative to the land and the people. I also want it to be known that the health and state of the land reflects on our women and our safety. I do this for all our past and present missing and murdered relatives. About me: I’m Mapuche/Puelche and I’m enrolled in the American Indian studies program at Fresno City College. I am also a member of the Red Nation. Follow Continue reading →

Ducka Zo Yooxot Likipt

Donate to Ducka here. Why I’m marching: Inherent land stewardship gifts us with a great responsibility for generations to come. This includes plant and animal life, soil integrity, and elemental ethics. Communal involvement and demonstration provides the sustenance needed resulting in nurtured care and protection. About me: My name is Ducka Zo Yooxot Likipt and I descend from the Wallowa Band of Nimiipuu (Nez Perce), Cayuse, Wasco (Warm Springs), Klamath, Yaqui, and Chugach blood lines. I am only one, who has come to the realization that the Continue reading →

Campsites and Daily Community Forums

Community Forums for the First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March will be held at the campsites every evening from September 1 to 7, starting at 5:30 p.m. Bring your own tableware and join us for dinner (dinner is on us) and a community forum. A Celebration of March will be held on September 8 at 1:30 p.m. Aug 31 – Union Park, close to 2100 Saylor Rd, Des Moines.  Just north of the Carousel and Rocketship Slide. Parking is just south of Guthrie Ave Continue reading →

David Michael Karabelnikoff

Donate to David here. Why I’m marching: This march is important to me because privatizing the profit and socializing the risks of the fossil fuel industry is an example of extractive capitalism, which moves us into feudalism or totalitarianism governed through a police state. People would not support this if there was true democratic justice because, in the case of the Iowa Utilities Board and their abuse of eminent domain, corporate rights superseded human and environmental rights. About me: I’m a Native Alaskan and global social entrepreneur working Continue reading →

Matthew Lone Bear

Donate to Matthew here. Why I’m marching: I feel it’s important to stand with the landowners in Iowa against the illegal use of eminent domain by the Iowa Utilities Board for the sake of an oil company because, if the landowners win, it could be instrumental in stopping the abuse of eminent domain nationally. About me: I’m a father of four from the The Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation (also known as the Three Affiliated Tribes), which is located on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota. Follow me Continue reading →

Unity Through Seed Saving

Dear Friends, Twenty years ago, I began saving seeds from my garden. I now save about fifty heirloom varieties annually. It’s encouraging to see more people understanding the importance of seed preservation, because as our Earth plunges deeper into the New Climate Era, saving heirloom seeds is likely to play a key role in humanity’s ability to adapt and survive. One of my most treasured seeds is the Scarlet Runner Bean, with its purple-and-black beans and beautiful red flowers. I’ve meticulously kept a line of Scarlet Continue reading →

Ryan Qualls

Donate to Ryan here. Why I’m marching: This march is about bringing a louder voice to an area that needs more attention, and for all of the Indigenous communities we want to help bring unity to. It’s about creating the movement where the ground needs the footsteps to do that work. Where seeds need to be replanted and colonial ways need to be prevented. We are all going to be there to do that work, together. About me: My name is Ryan and our group is called Indie Hit Continue reading →

Kaelly Salizar

Donate to Kaelly here. Why I’m marching: I’m marching because I’m a fighter for causes that I believe in — especially when it involves the Indigenous community. We have an innate understanding of resilience and standing up for not only our own but others as well. About me: I was born and raised in Southern California and have spent much of my life involved with human, environmental, and Indigenous rights. Past activism includes forest protection actions with Earth First, anti-racist actions, and fighting for the rights of political prisoners. Continue reading →

Lars Larson

Donate to Lars here. Why I’m marching: I am marching because I am concerned about the way in which our society constructs itself. I am interested in the ways that the economy and the environment are intertwined and how we value each. I am marching in order to learn more about this issue as it pertains to my immediate environment in Iowa. About me: I am a Fort Dodge native who recently had to give up his bevy of ducks when he moved to Des Moines. I try Continue reading →