Ryan Qualls

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Why I’m marching: This march is about bringing a louder voice to an area that needs more attention, and for all of the Indigenous communities we want to help bring unity to. It’s about creating the movement where the ground needs the footsteps to do that work. Where seeds need to be replanted and colonial ways need to be prevented. We are all going to be there to do that work, together.

About me: My name is Ryan and our group is called Indie Hit Designs. My Indigenous name is Saa Taan Eesh and my tribal heritage is Tlingit and Coahuiltecan. I grew up on the Lower Elwha Klallam Reservation, where the Elwha River meets the Salish Sea, learning the teachings of my Tlingit ancestors from my great-grandparents, uncle and relatives. Our land is the generational home of the Charles family of the Klallam people (Strong People).

After leaving home I began to process the forced complacency of our Indigenous peoples to a western way of life. I learned how the cycle of poverty on the reservation – FEMA housing, poor water quality, and unhealthy food – perpetuates a lifestyle that removes us from our traditions and health. Knowing this, I created a non-profit called Indie Hit Designs. Upon my completion of school, I intend to work in my tribal community with leadership, environmental, female and Indigenous rights.

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Days Marching:  Sept 1 – 8

Goal ($20 per day): $160

Amount donated: $40
Carol Kochheiser – $40