Warren presents ambitious plans to voters in rapidly changing small-town Iowa

Bold Iowa bird dogs, Kathy Byrnes and Ed Fallon, were mentioned in an article in People’s World on Friday January 17th, after attending Warren’s Town Hall in Marshalltown. They were both asked who they will support in the Iowa Caucus and the following is an excerpt from that arrticle: Attending the rally were Kathy Burns and Ed Fallon of the environmental group Bold Iowa. Burns and Fallon, a former lawmaker and host of the Fallon Forum, have committed to Tom Steyer, who they think has the best approach to climate issues. If Steyer doesn’t make the 15% support threshold each candidate needs, Fallon will switch his support Sanders. But Burns is wavering between Warren and Sanders.

“We still want to know if she would be willing not to wait until she tackles corporate corruption before she tackles the climate crisis. We need to hear it will be a day-one climate emergency,” Burns told People’s World.


By John Bachtell, People’s World, January 17th, 2020

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