Fallon among protestors arrested Saturday

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Coverage by KWBG, Boone, Iowa, September 12, 2016

BOONE, Iowa—Former State Representative and head of Bold Iowa, Ed Fallon was among those arrested in Boone County Saturday during a protest at a Dakota Access Pipeline construction site near the Des Moines River in northern Boone County. The Boone County Sheriff’s Department released the information on those arrested Monday.

The Sheriff’s Office and Iowa State Patrol were sent to a pipeline construction site at the Des Moines River on Boone County Road E-18 on Saturday September 10th. Approximately 120 people protesting the pipeline gathered at the entrance to the construction site and would not allow construction vehicles and personnel to enter or leave the site. After a brief and peaceful confrontation 19 people were arrested for trespassing. They were as follows; Sumitra Red Wing; Cynthia Coppola; Inga Frick; Kathryn Holdefer; Ethel Cunningham; Margaret Dressel; Kristen Dressel; Laura Kopecky Funk; Wendy Vasquez Bobbitt; Heather Pearson; George McCloskey; Robert Frazier; Edward Fallon; Linda Grasty; Carolyn Walker Uhlenhake; Anne Clark; Alecs Mickunas; Tosun Fitil; Jesse Horne. All arrested subjects were taken to the Boone County Jail for processing and all eventually bonded out of jail. There were not injuries reported.