DAPL roller coaster

Hello Bold Iowans,

We have an important question for you (scroll down.) But first, there are two big pieces of news to share — one good, one bad.

Earlier this week, there was much excitement over a federal judge’s decision to grant the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s request to strike down the Dakota Access Pipeline’s (DAPL) federal permits. The judge ruled that the Army Corps of Engineers must complete a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Hopefully, the judge’s next action will be to shut down the pipeline until the EIS is complete. Read more here

Today, in the bad-news department, the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) ruled that Energy Transfer (ET) could proceed with its plans to double the flow of oil — to 46.2 million gallons per day! — through DAPL.  In an additional gut punch, the IUB also refused to require ET to hold a public hearing. Read the IUB’s ruling here.

Remarkably, even with the impact of climate change growing more pronounced, the IUB barely mentions it, writing dismissively, “The Board addressed issues regarding climate change and safety of the pipeline in the March 10, 2016 order granting the permit.”

As of now, the only force keeping ET from moving forward with doubling the flow of oil is the Illinois Commerce Commission. We are grateful to our colleagues east of the Mississippi River for all they continue to do, and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we have an update.

Here’s our question:


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Thanks. Despite setbacks, we persevere. We have no choice. This is our home, and we are called to fight to protect it. Thank you for standing together.

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