Marcher, Walker, Pilgrim

Ed Fallon served as an Iowa state legislator for fourteen years before running for Governor in 2006 and U.S. Congress in 2008. Since 2009, he has hosted the Fallon Forum, Iowa’s most prominent progressive political talk-radio program, which airs on seven stations in five states. Ed also directs Bold Iowa, a non-profit focused on grassroots strategies to tackle the climate crisis.

Marcher, Walker, Pilgrim is Ed’s memoir from the 2014 Great March for Climate Action. On the 3,100-mile, 8-month walk from Los Angeles to Washington, DC, marchers became a mobile village — weathering harsh conditions, sharing joys and sorrows, meeting people already affected by climate change, and intensifying their commitment to the cause as they sounded the alarm about our warming world.

Through humor and candid introspection, Ed shares how the March also brought into focus his lifelong search for love and meaning even as intense, interpersonal dramas threatened to tear the March community apart.

In addition to sharing the story of the March, Ed discusses the importance of developing local strategies for resilience in the face of mounting climate disasters. Ed talks about the work he and his partner, Kathy Byrnes, are doing as urban farmers in the heart of Des Moines, Iowa, and about Bold Iowa’s work over the past year to pressure Democratic presidential candidates and the media to focus more on climate change.

Get both hardcover and paperback books here. All proceeds go to Climate March, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization continuing the work of the Great March for Climate Action. If you’d like to schedule a reading in your community, contact Ed at [email protected]. Visit Attend a Reading for schedule updates.