Bold Iowa letter to Biden, Harris calling for DAPL to be shut down

April 15, 2021

Dear President Biden and Vice President Harris — 

We write on behalf of Bold Iowa regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). As of last week, Dakota Access has begun work on its pumping station near Cambridge, Iowa, with the intent of doubling the flow of oil. We ask you to immediately shut down DAPL before the expansion proceeds any further.

We ask this for two reasons. First, in response to repeated questioning from Bold Iowa activists in 2019, you both spoke clearly and strongly against DAPL, specifically indicating your opposition to doubling the flow of oil. Again, we thank you for those statements, which we are sharing far and wide in this short video:


Second, as you know, the climate emergency is worsening at a rapid and frightening pace. We greatly appreciate your administration’s recognition of this fact and the actions you have already taken in response, including shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline. 

Given the acceleration of the climate emergency and your administration’s unequivocal opposition to DAPL, we ask you to keep the promises you made on the campaign trail and shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline immediately. Thank you.

Ed Fallon and Kathy Byrnes

Bold Iowa
735 19th Street
Des Moines, IA 50314
(515) 238-6404
[email protected]