Now more than ever, support Bold action on climate

Dear Friends,

Since 2015, Bold Iowa has been a leading voice in our state about the escalating climate crisis. Bold has consistently and persistently focused on climate through efforts to:

* Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline,
* Mobilize 250 climate activists to “bird-dog” presidential candidates,
* Organize speaking engagements across the country to increase awareness about our work,
* Spearhead the Climate Crisis Parade with 70 coalition partners and over 1,000 participants.


Bold Iowa isn’t funded by government handouts or corporate grants. Those revenue sources usually come with conditions and volumes of paperwork — and they can compromise an organization’s independence and integrity.

We rely on YOU to fund our work!

If you’re willing to support Bold Iowa with a monthly donation, CLICK HERE.

If you’re able to make a one-time donation, CLICK HERE.

Please pitch in now, because the climate crisis is becoming more urgent every day:

* In the West, deadly fires accompanied by hazardous air quality,
* Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms setting one record after another,
* Record amounts of polar ice melting,
* The historic derecho that tore through Iowa last month.

Given all the tragic, yet predictable, climate impacts happening across the globe, it’s encouraging that more people are becoming climate activists.

The truth is, we all need to be climate activists!

That’s where a grassroots organization like Bold Iowa comes in. We have the experience, coalitions, and commitment to help you become more engaged, more effective, and more hopeful.

So please, step forward today with a donation.

Beyond financial support, commit to doing your part to save our future from the climate catastrophe that grows more urgent with every passing year. Thank you.

The Bold Iowa Team