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Fairness in Solar Energy Production & Distribution

BACKGROUND Iowa is the leading state in the nation in wind energy production, and will soon see 40% of its electricity generated by wind power. But we have a long way to go with solar energy. Now is the time for bold leadership to move solar forward, while ensuring that homeowners, small businesses and entrepreneurs are treated fairly and have a place at the table when it comes to policy decisions affecting the expansion of clean solar and energy in Iowa. Billionaire Warren Buffett’s MidAmerican Continue reading →

We mobilize unlikely alliances to protect the land and water

Face it. In Iowa these days, policy making is dominated by big money that cares only about the corporate bottom line. It didn’t use to be this way. You don’t have to be that old to recall a time when a majority of Iowa’s elected leaders were independent thinkers, beholden to the people who elected them. Iowa’s political landscape is dominated by extreme ideas and policies that protect big business and special interests, instead of fight for our families, our land, our water and our Continue reading →