Keep the pressure on at the Statehouse!

Our calls to lawmakers are working!  ETP’s bill has stalled, but could come again at any time. Let’s keep the pressure on. There’s another reason to stop this bill. It’s impossible to say for sure, but I’ll bet anyone a dozen cage-free eggs that another oil pipeline through Iowa is under consideration. The mere threat of another round of condemnation for a new pipeline underscores why it’s so important to call, write or visit your state representative and senator again and immediately! Remind them to vote Continue reading →

Call to Action – Pipeline Sabotage Bill

Over the past two weeks, calls, emails and meetings with lawmakers have made a huge difference in the debate about SF 2235 / HF 2394 — the pipeline bill backed by Energy Transfer Partners (ETP). SF 2235 passed the Senate in February but HF 2394 has stalled in the House. Now some Senators who supported SF 2235 are having second thoughts. We’re making progress! ETP hopes SF 2235 / HF 2394 will legitimize the Dakota Access Pipeline as “critical infrastructure” because, if the bill passes, Continue reading →

Lobby at Home for Energy Efficiency

SF2311, also known as the Energy Efficiency bill, is still up for debate in the Iowa House. We need your help standing up to this bad bill. From removing energy efficiency rebates to reducing the IUB’s oversight of energy utility monopolies, we know SF2311 will hurt everyday Iowans while creating massive profit for utility companies like MidAmerican and Alliant. It is up to use to kill the bill. Please contact your state Representative and urge them to vote NO on SF2311. You can read the Continue reading →


“STOP DAPL 2.0” TALKING POINTS The fight to stop the Dakota Access pipeline is again ramping up! Recently, there was this excellent piece by Carolyn Raffensperger, the story about pipeline sabotage legislation (click here to read Bold Iowa’s press release in response), and this story about US Bank and the divestment campaign. Good, but we need a lot more chatter and clamor — especially around the Landowner/Sierra Cub lawsuit before the Iowa Supreme Court. Letters to the editor (LTE) and Op Eds in newspapers across Continue reading →